• Identity

    I’m an experienced, versatile, creative freelance graphic designer-illustrator-visualiser.
    Specialising in concepting, identity, brand and UI look and feel
  • Illustration

    I’m also a proficient draughtsman who can adapt to legacy illustration styles.
    But I’m just as happy developing new ones
  • Visualisation

    I can work in Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop and Cinema 4D or I can simply 'sketch'.
    I have a knack for creating very high quality visuals
Marketing / Illustration
Golden Temple
Capital Management
ID / Web Design
Brand Promo
The Shard
Design / 3D Visualisation
Soup Opera
Illustartion / Visualisation
Design / Illustration / 3D Visualisation

I’ve Helped...

Janssen-Cilag, AstraZeneca, British Telecom, Glaxo Smith-Kline, Gilead, PLAUT, Kimberly-Clark, Sun Microsystems, Morgan Stanley, SES, Diageo, Nestlé, Bechtel, Halfords, Pfizer, NDS, British Sky Broadcasting, IMS Health, to name a few.

I’ve Created...

I have created many logos, with various design teams from different creative agencies working with designers more talented than myself. Allowing for the Virgin and Reuters sub-branding the marks displayed below, for better or worse, are solely from my own hand.


I’m available for freelance in: London, Cambridge, Essex & Hertfordshire. I can also work remotely. Obviously when working remotely there are no geographical limitations.